Customer Service

Specialized services based in responding to incoming and outgoing calls, whether it be in facilities designated by the customer or in our full-equipped installations.

  • We are also responsible for the previous training of our staff and the selection of candidates who have a broad expertise in this position.

Our systems allow the customer to monitor in real time the current status of the Telephony

Platform as well as the demands of each moment. We also have CRM to obtain data of interest about incoming and outgoing calls.

Administrative Tasks

We perform administrative tasks in our facilities as well as in our customers.

Our staff has developed a sense of initiative, punctuality, good willingness, responsibility, organization, cooperation and good assessment. They are specialized in recording and managing data sets and performing administrative assistance when is required


Possessing a proved experience, our drivers perform their tasks strictly adhering to traffic signals, speed limits and respecting other drivers. They also show a remarkable patience when dealing with unforeseen conditions on the road or reckless drivers. They are specialized in both the transportation of passengers and commercial deliveries.

Warehouse laborers

We offer complementary services that can support our clients. They consist of warehouse laborers for the transport of equipment and materials, and maintenance tasks that don’t require a specific training

Caretakers and delivery workers

We offer services in receptions, controlling the access of people and deliveries and keeping the order in the facilities. We also manage the close and open times of these facilities.

Additionally, we are capable of managing extra-services of collection and delivery of postal cards and documentation inside and outside of the main facility. Finally, we execute small external operations, reprography tasks, correspondence postage and managing of telephony switchboard and fax equipment.


We offer laundry services in the own customer’s facilities, though we are planning to do it soon in our own installations in Madrid, always implementing the Security, Health and Environmental rules.

We carry out these services always considering a meticulous reception of the garments, and observing the type of fabric and the possibility they transport foreign bodies. We take as well a very precise care in sorting clothes for cleaning. Finally, we provide ironing, washing, dry cleaning, bleaching and clothes waxing of all type of garments.


This service is done implementing the Security, Health and Environmental rules. We also use specialized machines and the necessary equipment to clean offices and outdoor spaces.

Additionally, we carry out those complementary activities in which our staff can show their competences and skills.