Our policy and strategies

The ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS Policy is focused on the implementation of an Integrated Management System in accordance with the International Standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and UNEEN-ISO 14001: 2015. It is done in order to satisfy and give confidence to the clients for whom ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS carries out any type of work related to the development of its activity, always being respectful with the environment.

The Integrated Policy for ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS, a Special Employment center, is developed within the framework of the Provision of the following services: telephone attention, data recording, access control, laundry, concierge, drivers and exterior cleaning. The aforementioned work is based on
the following pillars:

Identifying and satisfying the needs and expectations of customers. We are at the service of our clients and also committed to society, the protection of the environment, and the health of our workers, respecting the legal and regulatory framework established for each case. 

Having all the resources, in human terms and with a well-developed infrastructure. It also creates a good work environment which is necessary for the provision of the services entrusted by the client, as well as for the development and implementation of the integrated management system.

Increasing the efficiency in the internal operation of the company, through the implementation of a Management System that allows us to detect, analyze and improve our weaknesses, avoid threats, take advantage of our strengths and favor the search for opportunities.

Exceed the expectations that the client has placed on the product / service that from ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS is provided to them, through planning and tracking of improvement objectives.

Identifying the environmental aspects that are derived from the activities developed in ADECUACIÓN and that have or may have significant impacts on the environment in order to reduce them, through planning and monitoring of improvement objectives.

Assuming the need for continuous improvement from the point of view of the quality and the environment of our products and services, our processes and our working conditions.

Preventing environmental pollution and work accidents in the activities carried out by ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS.

Identifying and meeting the laws, regulations, standards and legal and contractual requirements that are applicable to our service and the environment.

People are the most important value that guarantees our future. Therefore, they must be qualified enough to develop and work with the objectives of our organization and their opinions must be considered.

For which it has the following strategies:

The Policy is the framework on which ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS supports itself to establish its quality and environmental objectives, and meet its goals and those related to occupational health and safety. The Objectives and goals, alongside with the person responsible for their monitoring and the periodicity timetable, are developed in the GESISO program.

The Policy will be reviewed in the review by the management to achieve a continuous adaptation to the needs of ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS, and also to the expectations of customers and interested parties and environmental impacts.

To comply with the policy, the participation of all staff who belongs to or collaborates with ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS is necessary. Every worker is obliged to assume the part that corresponds to each one,
and thus improve the position and prestige of ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS in the market.

The Policy on ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS is communicated to all levels of ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS and is available to the Public through its display in the premises of ADECUACIÓN DE ALTERNATIVAS.