Due to the peculiarity of this company, named as a “Special Employment Center” both in Castilla y León and Madrid autonomous regions, our human resources are one of the major foundations. In this regard, we can only reinforce and support the capabilities of our staff. This is something which has been donce since our creation, and what invites us to shape the following work environments within the framework of our social and personal adjustment services.


Preserving and improving the working environment, making use of tolerance, equal opportunities and conditions

Take care of the physical and mental health of the staff

Development of human resources

Detecting new skill-sets and the lack of them to train our workers, in order to achieve a better professional performance

Developing a formation and training plan

Human Resources Management

Implementing a policy of equal payment and conditions for the same position, and optimizing the information related with the management of Human Resources

Social Relationships

Developing a policy consisting of an active communication and the collaboration between the company and the staff’s relatives

Promoting social benefits and activities that help with their social integration