In Adecuacion de Alternativas SL we recognize that our activity has an impact on both people and environment. In concrete, it has consequences on the labor conditions and the environment, both locally and globally. In this way, it has developed its own code of good practices.

Additionally, we strongly believe that it is possible to succeed in business and at the same time be a good company. It is our commitment for our future growth, which will only be achieved with the the help of the following players:

  • Workers, with or without disabilities, are the base and foundation of this company because of their professionality and experience.
  • Our Providers and customers, with whom we maintain good relations based upon trust and partnership.
  • Public Administrations, with whom we maintain a relation of mutual respect, control and the following of our activities, as providers of services funded by public investments.
  • Partner entities, which make an important function of developing people with functional disabilities and as a consequence, other Special Employment Centers.

Adecuacion de Alternativas is compromised with Corporate Social Responsibility and Disabilities in order to address:

  • The creation of dignified employment for people with disabilities through sustainable business projects with the aim of achieving a double profitability: Economic and social, both public and private, collaborating in the different forums.
  • The promotion of equal opportunities among people with disabilities through a proper management, orientation and cooperation with people and organizations.
  • The correct management of our company with a full transparency in order to guarantee its continuity over time, and trust between interest groups and society as a whole.
  • The promotion of the quality of our services (Classified as ISO 9001)
  • The development of a responsible management of natural resources and working on lessening the environmental impact in all of our activities.